Treating Toothache with Root Canal Therapy

A toothache is not just a dental pain that you can ignore. It is more likely a symptom for something bigger which would usually need medical attention. Although, there can be ignorable reasons for the toothaches but it’s something which the dentists would decide. For now, you need to visit the dentist to ensure that the problem, which has been causing toothache, is curable.

One of the serious reasons for toothaches is the infection inside the tooth that can be treated only with the help of root canal therapy. Its symptoms are clear oftentimes and you can surely get straight to the point by asking for root canal treatment from your dentist after reading those symptoms. Those symptoms include:

  1. Increased tooth sensitivity against pressure
  2. Sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages
  3. Discoloration of tooth
  4. Pimple on the gum
  5. Gum swelling

Pain which requires tooth canal treatment is often caused by inflammation down in the tooth root. This inflammation can be due to any reason, i.e. tooth decay, injury, infection or breaking of tooth. Since this infection occurs deep down in the inner side of tooth, the treatment is also called endodontic therapy. The process mainly involves frilling inside the tooth in the direction of root. Then infected nerves and pulp are removed. The tooth is then sealed to prevent any further damage.

The first step

After noticing the symptoms mentioned above, you need to call your dentist immediately. While asking for appointment over the phone, you need to tell about the symptoms and the level of pain you are experiencing. This explanation will then be analyzed by the dentist in order to find out how long you can wait with the pain you are having. To get some relief during the days until appointment, you can keep applying ice to reduce the pain and swelling.

What does the dentist do?

When you go to the dentist, he/she will take the x-ray of your tooth. After assessing the severity of problem, you may be given instructions to get the toothache cured or you may be referred to the endodontist. Endodentist is the specialist who deals with the nerves in the teeth. If the problem is not that severe, the treatment may not involve major surgical process. Otherwise, you may get a recommendation of root canal therapy if pain and the problem causing that pain are severe.

When the root canal therapy is completed, the root canal will be thoroughly cleaned and the drilled hole will be sealed with a temporary sealant. You would be given instruction to visit the dentist after two weeks to check if the therapy worked. It is worth mentioning here that there are the chances of failure with this therapy. However, this treatment works fine most of the times.


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